Cancellation Policy

Course Cancellation by the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership

The PSCP will seek to ensure cancellations occur only where unavoidable. It does not accept any financial, economic or associated liability for costs incurred arising from any such cancellation, with the exception of the net value of the seat per day. Cancellation of courses will be subject to a refund of the cost paid for the course to any agency or individual only where payment for training has been received in advance. A refund will not be payable if at the discretion of the PSCP the training is capable of being transferred to a new date or places within an 8 week notice period, or where it is considered that no detriment or liability has been incurred and no reimbursement should be available. This reimbursement policy does not apply to partner agencies who contribute to the Partnership funding.

Course Cancellation/Non-Attendance by Delegate/Agency

Demand for the multi-agency training is high. Early cancellation is important so the training place can be filled.

Cancellations within 14 days of the course will still be subject to a charge of the full cost of the course. However, if a member of staff cannot attend then another colleague can take their place so the space is used. Please let us know if there is to be a change in who attends from your organisation on

Non-attendance on the day of the course will incur a charge of the full cost of the course.