The Partnership

The Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership is made up of a number of partner agencies as described within the Children Act 2004 and the Apprenticeship, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.

On 19 December 2017  the PSCP adopted two forms of PSCP membership, i.e. “Partner Agencies” and “Affiliated Partners”.  Partner Agencies are expressly required to be present at each PSCP meeting and to actively contribute to debate and decision making.     Affiliated partners are not expressly required to attend PSCP meetings, although may do so on notice to the Partnership Manager if they wish to participate in specific agendas, papers, recommendation or debate.   If Affiliated partners do not attend agendas, papers, recommendations and voting rights are submitted to them to keep them informed of PSCP business, to enable and secure decision making, and promote effective challenge and scrutiny.

The following agencies are members of the PSCP:-

  • Devon and Cornwall Police  (Partner Agency)
  • Devon and Cornwall Probation and Prison Service (Partner Agency)
  • Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company (Partner Agency)
  • NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (Partner Agency)
  • University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (Partner Agency)
  • NHS England (Partner Agency)
  • Plymouth  City Council  (Partner Agency)

  • City College Plymouth (Affiliated Partner)
  • Youth Offending Services (Affiliated Partner
  • Young Safeguarders (Partner Agency)
  • CAFASS (Affiliated Partner)
  • Special Head Teachers Association of Plymouth (Affiliated Partner)
  • Plymouth Associated Head Teachers (Affiliated Partner)
  • Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

The PSCP has exercised its discretion under the Regulations to extend membership to the following agencies and post-holders:-

  • Barnardo’s (Partner Agency)
  • NSPCC  (Partner Agency)
  • Designated Doctor (Affiliated Partner)
  • Designated Nurse (Affiliated Partner)
  • Livewell South West CIC (Partner Agency)

In addition, the Lead Member for Plymouth City Council sits on the PSCP as a participant observer (non-voting).

PSCP does not commission or deliver direct frontline services though it does provide training and development. PSCP does not have the power to direct other organisations, but does have a role in making clear where improvement is needed. Each PSCP partner agency retains its own existing line of accountability for safeguarding.

The PSCP will hold its agencies to account for their performance in safeguarding children, maintaining relevant strategic links across a variety of forums to ensure this happens, promoting and demonstrating safer outcomes for children.