Building Support for Children, Young People & Families in Plymouth September 2023 
Ensuring the right support, at the right time, for children, young people & families in Plymouth

Building Support is the agreed Partnership framework for how we understand the different levels of need families experience and how we work together with families to support children and young people, including where there are safeguarding concerns.

During August and September 2023  the original document and approach, first launched in April 2022, was reviewed. Thank you to colleagues across the multi-agency partnership that contributed to the review which aimed to more clearly illustrate ‘thresholds’ and provide more detailed content on information sharing and consent.

Please Click Here to find the revised and updated September 2023 Building Support for Children, Young People & Families in Plymouth.

To support awareness of the Building Support 2023 updated document and approach we are holding multi-agency 3 hour workshops during September, October and November. The workshops are called ‘Professional Enquiry Training’ and for more information and to book your place please Click Here 

All our multi-agency training has been updated to reflect this approach to safeguarding and think about how it links into all areas of safeguarding. You can view and book our training courses here.

Visit partners over at Research in Practice for some more information about having courageous conversations –