Young Safeguarders

Who Are The Young Safeguarders?

The Young Safeguarders group are young people aged 13-19 who support the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership to make sure that the voices of children and young people are heard. This includes making sure that the information they read and the policies and procedures that affect their lives are fair and make sense to young people.

What are their responsibilities?

To help with quality assurance work of The Partnership such as ‘learning walks’ and checking what they say in The Ten Wishes is carried out. This means making sure that the things they are looking at are done as well as they can be and that young people have a voice that is heard.

To review information given to The Partnership by Children’s Social Care, Education, Health and Police so that comments on what is going well and suggestions for improvement can be passed onto the Subgroups within The Partnership.

To raise both their concerns and the concerns of their peers in relation to safeguarding.

The Ten Wishes

Our Plymouth Young Safeguarders have been busy reminding professionals of their Ten Wishes and what they need from all of us to help keep them safe and feel valued.

They want us to know that the Ten Wishes are just as relevant as they were when they developed them in 2014 but felt they didn’t seem to be consistently followed across all workers and agencies.

The young people said;

‘The overwhelming feeling amongst young people is that the Ten Wishes are even more relevant now than before COVID19 became a part of our lives. We want to ensure that the Ten Wishes stay relevant during the ‘new normal’ and are not increasingly or gradually side lined or even forgotten by their lack of specific reference to COVID19 and how it has effected professional practice.’

So they’ve produced a booklet called ‘The Why and How’ which sets out why the wishes are important to children and young people and how we can all as individual professionals and organisations put their wishes into practice. Please take a look at the booklet and see how you can start making a difference and act on the wishes of our children and young people…it’s really important to them.