The PSCP is supported by a small team of people known as the Business Unit. This includes the Partnership Manager, the Lead Officer for Learning and Development, the Safeguarding Assistant and the Learning and Development Coordinator.

Partnership Manager:

Siobhan Logue –

Siobhan started with the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership in June 2023 with a background in community safety and safeguarding, both within the Council and as a Detective Sergeant in Surrey Police. She manages the Business Unit team. As Partnership Manager, Siobhan attends the Strategic Board, the Partnership Board and all of our Subgroups, to ensure joined-up working and shared priorities across the work of the Partnership. Siobhan works closely with all of our partners to ensure we are focused on impact and outcomes for children and young people, to enable us to be confident that we are keeping children and young people safe in their families and communities, in Plymouth.

Safeguarding Assistant:

Katy Goodland –

Katy started in the Business Unit in August 2022 as our Safeguarding Support Assistant. She oversees a lot of the administration within the Business Unit which includes monitoring the Partnership mailbox and working closely with the Partnership Manager to ensure the smooth operation of the Partnership work. Katy sits as note taker for the PSCP Board meeting and Subgroups. Katy also manages the Partnership website, ensuring it is accessible and useful to a range of people. Katy supports with some of the quality assurance work of the Partnership.

Lead Officer for Learning and Development:

Caroline Wilson –

Caroline has worked for the Business Unit for a number of years as our Lead Officer for Workforce Development. She works on our training programmes ensuring they are up to date and covering the appropriate topics, in line with the current Partnership priorities and learning from national and local reviews.  Caroline also delivers some of our training alongside partners and independent trainers. Caroline also sits on many of our Partnership Subgroups and is the Chair for our Workforce Development Subgroup.

Learning and Development Coordinator:

Ben Pullen –

Ben joined the Business Unit in January 2022, Ben oversees the day to day training run through the partnership and supports the trainers and staff using the Multi agency training. Ben also works with Caroline to ensure the training programmes are regularly updated and relevant to national and local reviews.