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PSCP Strategic and Board Group

Children’s Strategic Systems Leadership
Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership Board

PSCP Subgroups

Strategic MACE / Safeguarding Adolescents Group

Workforce Development

Child Safeguarding Practice
Review Group

Practice Improvement &
Development Group

Strategic Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Group

Reference Groups


Together For
Childhood Board

Safeguarding In Education
Reference Group

Working Groups

Safeguarding Adolescents Working Group

Domestic Abuse &
Children Working Group

Child Sexual Abuse
Working Group

Working Group

We currently have four subgroups within our Partnership:

  • Quality Assurance (QAS)
    • Responsible for seeking assurance that all agencies are doing what is needed to keep children and young people safe in Plymouth.
  • Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR)
    • Responsible for the smooth and timely response to any serious incidents as well as considering other local and national learning.
  • Workforce Development (WD)
    • Responsible for delivering multi-agency training as well as seeking assurance from agencies that single-agency learning is in place and is sufficient to meet the needs of the workforce.
  • Strategic Missing & Child Exploitation (SMCE)
    • Responsible for the strategic oversight of Operational Missing and Child Exploitation (MACE) and seeking assurance that all agencies are doing what they need to in order to keep children and young people in Plymouth safe from exploitation.

Subgroup membership is made up from a range of agencies, differing slightly for each subgroup.

If you are a subgroup member then please do see our Subgroup Member Expectations document.

Alongside our subgroups we have two reference groups: