Graded Care Profile 2 Training

Face to Face Course Full Day 9.30am – 4.30pm (Arrival and Registration between 09:00 and 09:25 for a 09:30 start)

Course Description

The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is an NSPCC strengths based assessment tool that uses a graded scale to measure the levels of care being provided for a child where neglect is an issue.

It as an evidenced based tool that can help families understand their child’s needs and create conversations that can lead to positive change and progress. Please have a look at the Graded Care Profile 2 video posted to the NSPCC’s YouTube. This can be found below.

How Much?

This course is free to all agencies and professionals.

Please note: GCP2 is a licensed tool meaning only those who have attended the training and passed an assessment can use the GCP2.

The assessment is completed during the training and is based upon doing a GCP2 on a case study. As this is a licensed tool attendees will be required to attend the full day and it is not possible to arrive late or leave early.

Who’s The Course For?

The GCP2 can be used by anyone supporting families across the early help and safeguarding continuum including social workers, family support workers, home/school link workers, designated safeguarding leads, health staff, police, youth workers, colleagues working in the voluntary sector, early years providers and other child care providers.

It is aimed at those workers who have an on-going relationship with a family. This course will train attendees in the use of the tool and attendees can become licensed GCP2 practitioners.

How Do I Book?

This training can be booked on by using the Microsoft Teams link which can be found below. When booking, please ensure the details you enter are correct as it may delay your application form. 

We aim to confirm your place via email within 5 business days of the application form being received by the PSCP, there can be a minor delay if we have a large number of applications come in at once. Please feel free to email if you are unsure on whether you have a place or not.

GCP2 Application Form

Neglect is a priority area of work for Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership with this type of harm being the largest reason why children are receiving statutory support and on child protection plans in the city. We know assessing and measuring neglect can be really difficult, it can be complex, intergenerational, open to professional de-sensitisation, subjective and prone to bias.

GCP2 will help create a shared language relating to neglect and improve confidence in decision making from early help to child protection.

Attendees should already have a good understanding of neglect, it’s definitions, concepts, signs, indicators and impact prior to attending GCP2 training. We offer a full day training course on neglect as part of our multi agency training programme so if you feel this would be beneficial for you please go to PSCP Neglect Training Course

Find More Information on the GCP2 Here