Building Support for Children, Young People & Families

Building Support for Children, Young People & Families

We’re pleased to launch the Building Support approach. This is a new and different way of thinking about what used to be termed ‘thresholds’. It’s based on working restoratively, with consent and seeking to build support for families at the earliest opportunity, in the least oppressive way we can.


This approach has been agreed at every level, by all partners within Plymouth. Schools, colleges, voluntary agencies, social care, police, early years, health and everyone else are all signed up to working together, differently, to make a difference to children and young people.


The webpage with the document and links to book on the 1 hour workshop are here –


All ‘referrals’ into Gateway/MASH should now be made using the new MASH Contact form which is here –


The Case Resolution protocol has been updated in line with the same values and is available here –